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Privacy Policy


This Privacy Policy provides complete confidentiality of any information of our investors, whether such information is provided by investors themselves, or received by the company in the course of mutual cooperation or while using software and hardware tools.


grants complete confidentiality to every investor who created at least 1 (one) Personal Account. The investor's personal data will not be disclosed to unauthorized persons under any circumstances.

Guarantee Exceptions

may provide personal data in cases where such is legally required for regulatory and supervisory bodies to perform their duties.
In addition, will provide the personal information of any investor if the investor is found to be involved in activities involving extremism, terrorism, and financing of illegal extremist and/or Nazi organizations.
may also provide personal information of an investor who has given the company the appropriate consent in writing.

Privacy Policy Objects

We consider the name, surname, middle name, address, and email address of any investor as non-disclosable data.
Besides, Privacy Policy objects include any payment data of the investor, country of residence and amount of earnings and investments.

Exceptions to Privacy Policy objects

may from time to time provide statistics on the use of Internet traffic, as well as preferences for the use of certain types of operating systems and web browsers – for analysis and statistics. Under no circumstances will such data be personalized.

Security & Safety

In order to ensure full safety of investors in certain financial activities, and in order not to provide access to investors’ financial information, the company uses electronic payment systems that complicate personification and identification.
Under the UN's Universal Declaration of Human Rights, will fulfill its obligations to preserve the personal information of any investor in an atmosphere of complete confidentiality indefinitely.