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Plans Added
At the request of many users, two plans were added. Plan I ( After 1 Day ) and Plan J ( Hourly for 72 Hours ).
Oct-31-2018 02:51:14 PM

Withdrawal limit changed to 2$
The withdrawal limit has been changed from 5$ to 2$.
Oct-22-2018 11:11:11 PM

Site Updated
added litecoin payment Gateway . Percentage of profit for plans increased and added Plan VIP ( Profit Daily for 60 Days ) and Plan C ( After 15 Days ) and removed Plan After 1 Day and Plan After 3 Days. Investments have changed from direct deposit to charge account. add dedicated IP protected and Updated site ssl certificate.
Oct-21-2018 05:27:28 PM

everyone who invest in one of our plans (above 20$ ) will receive 1$ Bonus of their investment.
Oct-7-2018 02:25:07 PM